SFU - CMPT 150 - Labs - 3 (Bonus)

SFU - CMPT 150 - Labs - 3 (Bonus) - c A.H.Dixon Laboratory...

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Unformatted text preview: c A.H.Dixon Laboratory Exercise 3 1 COMBINATIONAL LOGIC SIMULATION In this Lab you will learn how to generate a waveform diagram that describes the behavior of a circult for a given sequence of intputs. Therefore launch DesignWorks (LogicWorks) and construct the following schematic. Connect the inputs to binary switches, and the output to a binary probe: 1. If it is not presently displayed, click on the Show/Hide Timing icon that is the leftmost icon on the Simulation Control Bar. The Timing window should appear at the bottom of the screen. 2. Assign labels to the inputs and output as follows: (a) Click on the A icon found near the middle of the Drawing Tool- bar. The mouse cursor will change to a pencil when placed over the schematic. (b) Position the pencil on top of a signal line and click once. A small text box will open. Type the label you want to assign that signal line. A label will be created when you press enter. (c) Observe that the label also appears on the lefthand side of the Timing Window at the bottom of your screen. When the inputs and output have been labeled, three labels should be visible on the left hand side...
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This note was uploaded on 06/20/2010 for the course CMPT 150 taught by Professor Dr.anthonydixon during the Spring '08 term at Simon Fraser.

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SFU - CMPT 150 - Labs - 3 (Bonus) - c A.H.Dixon Laboratory...

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