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SFU - CMPT 150 - Labs - 4

SFU - CMPT 150 - Labs - 4 - c A.H.Dixon Laboratory Exercise...

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c A.H.Dixon Laboratory Exercise 4 1 DESIGNING PACKAGES In this Lab you will learn how to use DesignWorks (LogicWorks) to take a structural description and create an entity definition ( called a “package”) that can then be placed in the parts library. It then can be used as a component in the construction of other circuits. A 2x4 decoder with complement outputs is provided in the DesignWorks (LogicWorks) library “Simulation Logic.clf”. However a 2x4 decoder with normal outputs is not found in the libraries provided. In the following steps, you will construct a 2x4 decoder with enable from AND gates with complement inputs, name the component “DEC-4”, and store it in a library for your own personal packages called “mylibrary.clf”. 1. If you have not already done so, launch DesignWorks (LogicWorks) and select “Generic Simlation”. 2. Create a new library called “mylibrary.clf” in the Parts Palette as follows: (a) Place the mouse cursor in the Parts Palette and click the right mouse button. (b) Select “New Lib” from the pulldown menu. (c) Type the library name to be used (“mylibrary.clf”) in the File Name area of the “Save Library As” window, and click on “Save”. (d) Check in the list of libraries at the top of the Parts Palette to confirm that your library is listed (probably at the bottom) among the libraries available. 3. Create a device symbol (entity definition) for a 2x4 decoder with enable as follows: (a) From the “File” pulldown menue, click on “New” and select “Device Symbol”; then click OK. (b) The new window that is displayed with a faint grid is the device editor window. The buttons in the toolbar immediately above the window are associated with the device editor and provide various tools for constructing your entity definition.
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