SFU - CMPT 150 - Labs - 6

SFU - CMPT 150 - Labs - 6 - c A.H.Dixon Laboratory Exercise...

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Unformatted text preview: c A.H.Dixon Laboratory Exercise 5 1 THE HC-12 SIMULATOR The purpose of this lab is to gain an understanding of how to use the software for writing and simulating assembly language programs written in HC-12 Assembly Language. To simplify the writing and testing of HC-12 programs, you will begin each assignment using a project “template” that you can open, edit and save as you debug your program. With this approach you will not need to construct a new project in CodeWarrior each time you create a new program. However, since you are using the same project for each assignment, you should copy your source code to a separate file before replacing it with new code. 1. The following steps only need to be performed once, in order to create a copy of the CodeWarrior project in your personal deskspace: (a) Click on the “getHC12Template” shortcut. This will give you access to the Assem- bly language template that you will use in each assignment. (b) Read the file “Readme.txt”. The instructions advise you to copy a folder that contains the template to your personal workspace. Follow these instructions. 2. Launch CodeWarrior by clicking on the “CodeWarrior IDE” icon. 3. From the “Edit” pulldown menu select “Preferences”. 4. Inspect the following check-boxes in the “Editor” panel to ensure that they are NOT checked: • In “Code Formatting” the “Use Automatic Code Formatting” should NOT be checked. • In “Editor Settings” the “Enable Virtual Space” box should NOT be checked. Uncheck any of these check boxes if necessary. 5. From the “File” pulldown menu, select “Open” and locate the CodeWarrior project file “SimpleHC12Project.mcp” inside the folder “SimpleHC12Project”. Opening this file will open the project template. 6. On the lefthand side of the screen is a directory path of the folders and files that make up the project. None of the files should be altered except the file labelled “main.asm” that is found in the folder named “Sources”. 7. If you do not see the file “main.asm”, open the folder “Sources” by clicking on the folder icon beside the name. This is the file where you will place your assembly language source code. 8. Open the file “main.asm” by clicking on the icon beside the name in the directory path....
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This note was uploaded on 06/20/2010 for the course CMPT 150 taught by Professor Dr.anthonydixon during the Spring '08 term at Simon Fraser.

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SFU - CMPT 150 - Labs - 6 - c A.H.Dixon Laboratory Exercise...

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