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Final Exam

Final Exam - Final Exam I Industrial Revolution in East...

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Final Exam I. Industrial Revolution in East Asia A. introduction population is high 1. however we consume a lot more energy has become equivalent of west in terms of industrialism B. japan impact of defeat 1. much of industrial plan destroyed Japanese democracy 1. the liberal democractic party a. were in power from 1950s till just recently 2. japan was under American military occupation a. helped steer Japan in this direction b. gen. Douglas MacArthur head of Japanese occupation oversaw a new constitution for country 1. renounce war forever economic miracle 1. new industrial plant a. used robots in factories 2. high educational standards a. have nationally imposed college interest exam; only 1 chance to take it 3. Confucian values: shushinkoyo=lifetime
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a. grants lifetime employment; once you are accepted position is secure to both labor and management b. 4. employment 5. Cooperation between business and govt. C. china Deng Xiaoping[ 1904-1997] 1. was 4’11 2. was part of long march 3. criticized mao 4. “seek the truth from facts” tiennamen square, 1989 D. the others Vietnam south korea II. the middle East II: the Religious Aspect A. introduction: the Islamic reformation the Muslim Brotherhood B. The Wahhabis and Saudi Arabia wahhabis took over mecca for a while but where taken out when ottoman empire falls wahhibis and Saudis take advantage Saudis leader,Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud
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Final Exam - Final Exam I Industrial Revolution in East...

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