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Exam 2: European Domination of the World From Christendom to Modern Europe (1650-1750) The Scientific Revolution, 1600-1700 o After 1650, the religious wars of the preceding hundred Years have died down o After 1650, we see a reaction to the strife caused by religion, which had started to be associated with violence and banalism. People start valuing there reason; that things should make rational sense Secular: Moving away from religion, rational view of the war. o The Scientific Revolution is the result of this secular thinking. It is one tool with which the West has dominated the rest of the world Ideas produced therein tended to go against the traditional teachings of the Church (both Catholic and Protestant) Exp. Astronomy; the earth is not the center of the universe, but revolves around other celestial bodies Coprenicus 1473-1543 Heliocentric theory: Everything rotates around the sun, not the earth o He had no proof that this was the case, he simply had good arguments. Proof came from Galileo Galileo (1564-1642) His proof came in part from a new invention (not his), the telescope. First person we know of to observe the moon closely Publishing his proof, he ran into trouble with the Church authorities. He wrote a denial that the bible should be relied on to supply facts about natural science
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In 1632, he’s called before the Roman Inquisition. Unlike Luther, Galileo decants and takes back what he said. He writes books later on the pretty much spawn the Scientific Method o The Scientific Method A. Experiment: (Controlled conditions) B. Mathematics Isaac Newton (1642-1727) While Galileo developed the methods of thinking, it was Newton who finalized his work into scientific laws Deism The Scientific Revolution leads to a new view of God o God creates the Universe, but once created, he does not intervene with his workings directly. Leaving his machine to do its work. A for the most part impartial god. The Growth of the Modern State o The notion of the modern state is that power resides in institutions and laws, rather than individuals, and runs independently of them. o Absolutism New form of monarchy. The kind that every King has always wanted. Where the King rules absolutely rather than relying on the nobility to keep power. The King, endowed with this power, is able to breath life into these new institutions The Sunking, Louis XIV was the only king to ever do it. o France: Louis XIV (r. 1643-1715) He comes to the throne at age 5, and of course the nobles attempt to capture the kingship. The revolt is put down and Louis is motivated to concentrate power to the crown. Built Versailles; the grandest palace in the world
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Exam 2 - Exam 2 European Domination of the World From...

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