Assignment Time and Billing - could also cause a loss for...

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Exercise 8-1 1.) Stone Arbor Landscaping’s standard hourly billing rate for installing hardscape for commercial customers is: $60.00 2.) The tax Status for installing hardscape for commercial customers is: type 1 (taxable) 3.) The general ledger account used for hardscape commercials is: 40000-HS, Sales - Hardscape 4.) The item identification for installing hardscape for a commercial customer is: INSTL HARD – COMM To find this information I first clicked Inventory & Service in the navigation bar; Inventory Items, view and edit inventory items. After the Inventory list appeared I clicked on INSTL HARD – COMM to have the Maintain inventory Items window open. Within that window is where all the information was located. All the requested information is under the General tab. The Item identification is above the tabs below the ribbon. It is very important to know where this information is to assure that the proper amount is billed so there is no loss or error in tax calculations for the company or the purchaser is not overbilled which in the long run
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Unformatted text preview: could also cause a loss for the company when that customer is lost. Exercise 8-2 1.) OHara Homes 3/13/09 sales invoice is in the amount of? 15,289.31 2.) The sales tax on the OHara Homes sales invoice is? 728.06 3.) The G/L account number for Alan Hardmans regular pay is? AHARDMAN 4.) How many hours did it take Alan Hardman to complete on the OHara job on 3/13? 9 I found all the requested information in the Customer & Sales, Sales invoice view and edit page. I located the total hours worked by the employee by looking at his time ticket which was accessed clicking time card on the upper ribbon. It is imperative that this information is easy to access and correct so that the customer is billed correctly as well as the employee paid correctly for the time he worked. It is also necessary to get this information correct to make sure that proper taxes are paid because it could cause more problems in the long run with someone such as the IRS....
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Assignment Time and Billing - could also cause a loss for...

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