Recitation09-solutio - Physics 2760 Recitation 1 The current in an RL circuit is zero at time t = 0 and increases to half its final value in 4.0

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2760 Recitation 10/26/2008 1. The current in an RL circuit is zero at time t = 0 and increases to half its final value in 4.0 s. (a) What is the time constant of this circuit? (b) If the total resistance is 5 Ω, what is the self‐inductance? 2. Given the circuit shown in figure below left, assume that switch S is initially open. Inductor L is made of superconducting wire so that its resistance may be considered to be zero a) Find the current through the battery at the moment the switch is closed. b) Assume now that the switch has been closed for a long time so that steady currents exist in the circuit. Find the battery current, the current in the 100 Ω resistor, and the current through the inductor. c) Find the initial voltage across the inductor at the instant switch S is opened. d) Give the current in the inductor as a function of time measured from the instant of opening switch S. R1 R3 R2 L ε S 3. In the figure above right, ε = 100 V, R1 = 10 Ω, R2 = 20 Ω, R3 = 30 Ω and L = 2 H. Find the values of the currents through each resistor a) immediately after closing the switch S, b) a long time later, c) immediately after the reopening of switch S, d) a long time after the reopening. 4. In the figure below R1 = 8 Ω, R2 = 10 Ω, L1 = 03. H, L2 = 0.2 H, and the ideal battery has an emf of 6 V. a) Just after the switch is closed, at what rate is the current in inductor 1 changing? b) When the current in the circuit is in the steady state, what is the current in inductor 1? L1 R1 R2 S L2 ε ...
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