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recitation07-solutions - Physics 2760 Recitation 1 A...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2760 Recitation 10/14/2008 1. A conductor suspended by two flexible wires as shown in the figure at right has a mass per unit length of 0.04 kg/m. What current must exist in the conductor for the tension in the supporting wires to be zero when the magnetic field is 3.60 T into the page? What is the required direction for the current? 2. A circular loop has radius R and carries current I2 in a clockwise direction (see the figure below left). The center of the loop is a distance D above a long, straight wire. What is the magnitude of the current I1 in the wire if the magnetic field at the center of the loop is zero? What is the direction of the current I1? 3. Calculate the magnitude of the magnetic field at point P due to the current in the semicircular section of wire shown in the figure above right. (Hint: Does the current in the long, straight section of the wire produce any field at P?) 4. A rigid, circular loop of radius R and mass M carries a current I and lies in the xy plane on a rough, flat table. There is a horizontal magnetic field of magnitude B. How large can the current I be before one edge will lift off the surface? 5. A solid conductor with radius a is supported by insulating disks on the axis of a conducting tube with inner radius b and outer radius c (see the figure at right). The central conductor and tube carry equal currents I in opposite directions. The currents are distributed uniformly over the cross sections of each conductor. A) Derive an expression for the magnitude of the magnetic field at points outside the central, solid conductor, but inside the tube (a < r < b). B) Derive an expression for the magnitude of the magnetic field at points outside the tube (r>c). ...
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