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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2760 Recitation 10/7/2008 1. For each of the following, draw the magnetic force vector on the charge or, if appropriate, write “F into the page”, “F out of page” or “F = 0”. 2. For each of the following, determine the charge sign: + or – . 3. The magnetic field is constant magnitude inside the dotted lines and zero outside. Consider that the velocity of the charge entering the magnetic field is the same in each case. Sketch and label the trajectory of the charge for: c. A very strong magnetic field a. A very weak magnetic field b. A moderate magnetic field 4. Two particles move through a uniform magnetic field that is directed out of the plane of the page. The figure shows the paths taken by the two particles as they move through the field. The particles are not subject to any other forces or fields. Which one of the following statements concerning these particles is true? a) The particles may both be neutral. b) Particle 1 is positively charged; 2 is negative. c) Particle 1 is positively charged; 2 is positive. d) Particle 1 is negatively charged; 2 is negative. e) Particle 1 is negatively charged; 2 is positive. 5. A positive charge q = 3.2 x 10‐19 C moves with a velocity v = 2i + 3 j − 1k m/s through a region where both a uniform magnetic field and a uniform electric field exist. (a) What is the total force on the moving charge (in unit – vector notation) if B = 2i + 4 j + 1k T and E = 4i − 1 j − 2k V/m? (b) What angle does the force vector make with the positive x axis? 6. A velocity selector consists of magnetic and electric fields described by the expressions E = Ek and B = B j . If B = 0.015 T, find the value of E such that an electron with a kinetic energy of 750‐eV moving along the positive x axis is undeflected. ...
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