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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2760 Recitation 09/30/2008 I3 1. a) Write Kirchhoff’s laws for the circuit at right, 2 and find the current through each resistor. -+ I 2 b) Solve the same problem using the mesh method R1 R2 instead of Kirchhoff’s Laws. R1 = 8Ω I1 4 ε1 = 12V I5 R2 = 5Ω a ε 2 = 10V R3 = 7Ω R5 ε 3 = 16V R4 R4 = 4Ω ε 4 = 4V R5 = 9Ω I4 1 2. A 6 μF capacitor is charged to 100 V and is then connected across a 500 Ω resistor. a) what is the initial charge on the capacitor? b) what is the initial current just after the capacitor is connected to the resistor? c) what is the time constant of this circuit? d) how much charge is on the capacitor after 6 ms? 3. The capacitors in the circuit shown in the figure at right are initially uncharged. a) what is the initial value of the battery current when switch S is closed? b) what is the battery current after a long time? c) what are the final charges on the capacitors? ε R3 ε - ε3 + b ε 4. a) What is the voltage across the capacitor in the circuit in the figure on left? b) If the battery is disconnected, give the capacitor current as a function of time. c) how long does it take the capacitor to discharge until the potential difference across it is 1 V? ...
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