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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2760 Recitation 9/23/2008 1. Find the equivalent capacitance between points a and b in the combination of capacitors shown. 2. The figure below left shows a system of four capacitors, where the potential difference across ab is 50.0 V. a) Find the equivalent capacitance of this system between a and b. b) How much charge is stored by this combination of capacitors? c) How much charge is stored in the 10.0 μF capacitor? 3. The capacitors in the figure at right are initially uncharged and are connected, as in the diagram, with switch S open. The applied potential difference is Vab = + 210 V. a) What is the potential difference Vcd? b) What is the potential difference Vad after switch S is closed? c) What is the potential difference Vdb after switch S is closed? 4. A dielectric slab of thickness d and area A is inserted into the space between the plates of a parallel‐plate capacitor with spacing s and surface area A, as shown in the figure. The slab is not necessarily halfway between the capacitor plates. What is the capacitance of the system? Solve the same problem when the slab is conducting. 5. A capacitor C1 = 25 µF charged to 50 V and a capacitor C2 charged to 20 V are connected to each other, with the two positive plates connected and the two negative plates connected. The final potential difference across the 25 µF capacitor is 36 V. What is the value of the C2 capacitance? ...
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