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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2760 Recitation 9/16/2008 1. An isolated system consists of two conducting spheres A and B. Sphere A has five times the radius of sphere B, RA = 5 RB. Initially, the spheres are given equal amounts of positive charge Q and are isolated from each other. The two spheres are then connected by a conducting wire. Determine the new charge on each sphere as a function of the initial charge Q. 2. Two point charges are held at the corners of a rectangle as shown in the figure below. The lengths of sides of the rectangle are 0.050 m and 0.150 m. Assume that the electric potential is defined to be zero at infinity. a) Determine the electric potential at corner A. b) What is the electric potential energy of a +3.0 μC charge placed at corner A? c) How much work is required to assemble this charge arrangement starting with each of the charges a very large distance from either of the other charges? 3. Two hollow conducting spheres have a common center O. The dimensions of the spheres are as shown. A charge of ‐200 nC is placed on the inner conductor and a charge of +30 nC is placed on the outer conductor. The inner and outer surfaces of the spheres are respectively denoted by A, B, C, and D, as shown. Find the charges on surfaces A, B, C and D at equilibrium and write an expression for the electric potential of each region (r<RA, r = RA, RA<r<RB, r=RB, RB<r<RC, r=RC, RC<r<RD, r=RD, r>RD). 4. A particle with a charge of + 4.20 nC is in a uniform electric field E directed to the left. It is released from rest and moves to the left; after it has moved 6.00 cm, its kinetic energy is found to be + 1.50 x 10‐6 J. A) What work was done by the electric force? B) What is the potential of the starting point with respect to the endpoint? C) What is the magnitude of E ? ...
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