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CE 3400 Fall 2009 1 Solution to HW 2 1. Work Problem 4.12 in Coduto. 2. Work Problem 4.13 in Coduto The weathered tuff is the most well graded soil because it has the flattest grain size distribution curve and thus encompasses the widest range of particles Note: Although the lagoon clay has a higher Cu, it is almost entirely silt and clay and does not have the wide range of particle sizes as the weathered tuff. 3. Determine the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) group symbol for soils A, B, and C in Figure 4.13 (pg 120 in Coduto). Soil A has a plastic limit of 21 and a liquid limit of 40. Soils B and C are non-plastic. Soil A: LL<50% therefore low plasticity % Passing #200 sieve=88%, therefore, fine-grained Ip=LL-PL=19 – Plots as CL Group Symbol CL Soil B: % Passing #4 sieve=62%, therefore, SAND % Passing #200 sieve=0%, therefore, coarse-grained less than 5% pass #200 D 10 =0.3mm D 30 =1 D 60 =4.5 Cu=15>6 Cc=0.74<1 Group Symbol SP Soil C: % Passing #200 sieve=0%, therefore, coarse-grained
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Unformatted text preview: CE 3400 Fall 2009 2 % Passing #4 sieve=100%, therefore, SAND less than 5% pass #200 D 10 =0.75mm D 30 =1 D 60 =1.2 Cu=1.6&lt;6 Cc=1.11&gt;1 and &lt;3 Group Symbol SP 4. Explain why hydrometer tests are not used in the USCS classification system of fine grained soils. The behavior of fine-grained soils depends on the composition and mineralogy of the soil. Grain size characteristics that are determined from the hydrometer do not reflect these characteristics. Therefore, Atterberg Limits are used to classify fine grained soils. 5. Answer the question in Problem 5.4 of Coduto. A silty sand is a coarse-grained soil which is primarily sand with 12% or more fines that classify as silt A sandy-silt is a fine grained material which is primarily silt with sand being the minor component. (See table on page 145) 6. Answer the question in Problem 5.6 of Coduto. Soil 4-CL. It is the only soil listed where the major component is clay...
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Solution to HW 2 - CE 3400 Fall 2009 2 % Passing #4...

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