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The University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Civil Engineering Assigned: Fri 12/07/09 Due: Not turned in CE 3400 - Homework No. 21 Bearing Capacity of Footings on Sand 1. A strip footing is 5 ft wide and is embedded 3 ft into a dry sand soil. The sand has an angle of internal friction of 35 degrees and a unit weight of 105 pcf. What is the ultimate bearing capacity of the strip footing? 2. An oil storage tank is supported by a 40-ft diameter mat foundation that bears on a thick deposit of saturated sand. During exploration, it was found that the average N- value from SPT testing of the top 40 ft of sand was 28, and the average submerged unit weight was 60 pcf. The water table is at the ground surface, the mat is embedded 2 ft below the surface and is not backfilled. The average contact stress between the mat and the soil is 2700 psf. What is the factor of safety against bearing capacity failure? 3. Spread footings for a building are tentatively planned to have dimensions 8' x 8' and to be placed at a depth of 4 feet below the ground surface. Four borings were made in
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