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The University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Civil Engineering Assigned: Wednesday November 4, 2009 Due: Monday November 9, 2009 CE 3400 - Homework No. 15 Settlement of Footings on Sand 1. A footing 10 ft square and 3 ft thick is supported by sand with an average N value (corrected for the effects of overburden pressure) of 30 blows per foot. The surface of the ground is 2 ft above the top of the footing, and the water table is 4 ft below the base of the footing. (a) Compute the maximum load that the footing can support if the settlement of the footing must not exceed 0.5 in. (b) Repeat your calculation for Part (a) with the water table at the ground surface 2. A square footing (6 ft by 6 ft) supports a load of 150 kips. The top of the footing is 2 ft below the ground surface and the footing is 2.0 ft thick. The soil is coarse sand with an average N value of 20. Assume that this N value has already been corrected for the effects of overburden pressure. (a) Compute the settlement of the footing if the water table is at the base of the
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