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Homework 11B - 2009

Homework 11B - 2009 - University of Missouri-Columbia...

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University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Civil Engineering Assigned: Oct 19 2009 CE 3400 Due: Not to be turned in Fall 2009 Homework #11B Rate of Settlement No. 2 1. A site is to be developed for construction of a one-story steel structure. The site consists of 25 feet of soft clay at the surface, which is underlain by sand. Five feet of freely draining fill is to be placed on the site to raise the ground surface. The structure is relatively flexible and can withstand several inches of differential settlement. It is decided early in the design phase that the maximum allowable total settlement for the structure should be 2 inches. The fill has a total unit weight of 120 pcf. The soft clay is normally consolidated, has a submerged unit weight of 45 pcf, and has a compression index (C c ) of 0.30. Prior to filling, the water table is at the ground surface. Assume that the water table remains at the interface between the soft clay and fill during consolidation (no submergence correction is needed for the fill). Also assume that the weight of the building is negligible compared
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