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University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Civil Engineering Assigned: Monday 10/19/09 CE 3400 Due: Monday 10/26/09 Fall 2009 Homework #11 Rate of Settlement No. 1 1. A 30-ft-thick stratum of clay is underlain by impervious bedrock. A sand fill is placed over the clay and causes 2.6 ft of consolidation settlement in the clay. The coefficient of consolidation for the clay is 0.05 ft 2 /day. Compute and plot the surface settlement (in feet) vs. time (in years). 2. A layer of silt is 20-ft thick and is underlain by freely draining sand. A wide approach embankment to a bridge will be constructed from sandy materials. The weight of the embankment should cause an increase in effective stress in the silt of 1500 psf and ultimately result in 1.8 feet of consolidation settlement within the silt. As an afterthought, the designer suddenly becomes concerned about differential settlement between the pile-supported bridge and the embankment.
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