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The University of Missouri Department of Civil Engineering Assigned: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Due: Wednesday Oct 21, 2009 CE 3400 – Fall 2009 Homework No. 10 - Consolidation and Settlement #1 1. A layer of saturated, normally consolidated clay is 30 feet thick. The water content of the clay is 65% and the specific gravity of solids is 2.72. Consolidation tests on the clay indicate a compression index, C c , of 0.58. Five feet of sand with a total unit weight of 122 lbs./cu.ft overlie the clay. Very dense sand underlies the clay. Development of the site will require that 10 feet of sand be placed on the surface of the deposit described above. The fill will have a water content of 8% and a dry unit weight of 108 lbs./cu.ft. The water table is currently at the top of the clay layer and is expected to remain there after the fill is built and settlement occurs. Compute the settlement of the fill. Assume that the sand and fill are incompressible. Treat the clay as a single layer and use stresses at the center of the clay to compute
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