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Homework 3 - 2009

Homework 3 - 2009 - The University of Missouri Assigned...

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The University of Missouri Department of Civil Engineering Assigned: Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009 Due:Monday, Sept. 14, 2009 CE 3400 – Fall 2009 Homework No. 3 – Site Exploration: Boring and Sampling 1. You are employed with a geotechnical engineering firm which has at its disposal three pieces of equipment for making soil borings: A. A 6-in.-diameter continuous-flight, solid-core power auger mounted on a truck with a 12-ft-derrick and enough auger segments to drill 100-ft deep. B. A rotary-wash rig with a 22-ft-high derrick and sufficient rods to drill 400-ft deep. C. A 2-in.-diameter hand auger with enough extensions to drill to a depth of 30 ft. During your first few months of employment with this firm, you are assigned the responsibility of selecting the appropriate drilling equipment to use for several important projects. Indicate by writing the letter A, B, or C in the spaces provided below which type of equipment would be most appropriate for each of the following projects. ______ 20 borings, each 20-ft-deep, to be drilled at a site with stiff clay, level
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