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Homework 1 - W2009

Homework 1 - W2009 - The University of Missouri-Columbia...

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The University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Civil Engineering Assigned: Friday, August 28, 2009 Due: Friday, September 4, 2009 CE 3400 – Fall 2009 Homework No. 1 – Weight-Volume Calculations 1. A cube of moist soil weighs 215 lb and has a volume of 2.00 ft 3 2. A specimen of . Its moisture content is 25.0% and the specific gravity of solids is 2.70. Compute the void ratio, porosity, degree of saturation, and the unit weight of this soil. saturated 3. A sand has a dry unit weight of 105 pcf and a specific gravity of solids of 2.65. What water content will give the sand a degree of saturation of 35 percent? soil has a water content of 145 percent and a total unit weight of 84 pcf. Find the void ratio and the specific gravity of solids. 4. A particular soil has a total (moist) unit weight of 122 pcf and a dry unit weight of 101 pcf. The specific gravity of solids is unknown; you may assume that it is 2.70. Calculate the water content and the degree of saturation. 5.
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