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ACIS 2116 Syllabus Spring 2009

ACIS 2116 Syllabus Spring 2009 - ACIS 2116 Principles of of...

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Section 1. The objective of this course is to teach students the following : 1.1 The nature and purpose of managerial accounting. Managerial accounting differs from financial accounting because managerial accounting is used to help managers plan and control the operations of the firm. 1.2 The types of reports and information that managers need to make decisions. 1.3 The concepts underlying the measurements used in managerial accounting. 1.4 The importance of ethics and professional integrity. Section 2. Course Prerequisites: You must have received credit for ACIS 2115 in order to take this course. If you have not received credit for ACIS 2115, you will be dropped from ACIS 2116. Section 3. Required Course Materials: Managerial Accounting: A Focus On Ethical Decision Making , 4 th edition, Jackson, Sawyers and Jenkins (Thomson/South-Western, 2008). (Note: Thomson/South-Western is now called CENGAGE.) CRN 10116 and code C_E_16093 Access code for Personal Trainer – This access code is needed in order to complete the homework assignments online. If a textbook is purchased at a bookstore on or near campus, the textbook may be bundled with a Personal Trainer access code. If your textbook does not come with a Personal Trainer access code, the access code can be purchased for $19.49 by going to the following website: http://ptrainer30.swlearning.com/ptrainer/loginPage.pt Section 4. Grading: 4.1 Grades are based entirely on your performance on the items listed in the box below. ACIS 2116 Syllabus Spring 2009 Page 1 Percent of Grade Homework, Statement of Understanding & Attendance Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3 Final Exam 10% 22.5% 22.5% 22.5% 22.5% Total 100% Spring 2009 Spring 2009 ACIS 2116 ACIS 2116 Principles Principles of of Managerial Accounting Managerial Accounting Virginia Virginia   Tech Tech
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4.2 There is NO guarantee that final grades will be curved. Individual components of the grade will not be adjusted during the semester to achieve a grade distribution curve, and, therefore, should be viewed on a traditional scale as follows: A 93% and above A- 90% – 92% B+ 87% - 89% B 83% - 86% B- 80% - 82% C+ 77% - 79% C 73% - 76% C- 70% - 72% D+ 67% - 69% D 63% - 66% D- 60% - 62% F 0% – 59% Section 5. Important Information: 5.1 This course is coordinated by Dr. Easterwood. Dr. Easterwood prepares all the exams and determines final grades. You may contact Dr. Easterwood by email at [email protected] or by phone at 231-7920. 5.2 This course is a difficult course. Exam averages tend to be in the 60’s. Unlike other courses you may have taken, you cannot get by with simply reading the lecture notes and/or listening to the lecture. This is a course where students must study and must PRACTICE applying the concepts learned in class. If you merely read the book and listen to the comments made in class, you might think you understand the material but when it comes time to work a problem on a test you won’t know how to do it. You must work problems and exercises in order to do well in this class. Learning accounting is a lot like learning how to drive. Simply reading an instruction manual for how to drive does not enable you to go out on the highway by yourself. You have to practice.
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ACIS 2116 Syllabus Spring 2009 - ACIS 2116 Principles of of...

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