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WCh2Apply - or access the Help topics in subject or...

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Software Paragraphs Modified Page 1 With the proper software, a computer is a valuable tool. Learning how to use software effectively involves both time and practice. To assist in the learning process, many programs provide tools such as online Help and Web-based Help. Online Help is the electronic equivalent of a user manual. It usually is integrated in a program. In most programs, a function key or a button on the screen starts the Help feature. When using a program, users can interact with the Help feature to ask a question
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Unformatted text preview: or access the Help topics in subject or alphabetical order. Most online Help also links to Web sites that offer Web-based Help, which provides updates and more comprehensive resources to respond to technical issues about the software. Some Web sites contain chat rooms, in which a user can talk directly with a technical support person or join a conversation with other users who may be able to answer questions or solve problems....
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