Chen, QiLiang(Essay#1,CIS 10)

Chen, QiLiang(Essay#1,CIS 10) - Name Qi Liang Chen CIS 10...

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Name: Qi Liang Chen CIS 10 – Essay 01 Apr 10, 2008 A Revolutionary Image Technology: Photosynth In a technical demo on the TED (stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, which is a conference assembling people from those three worlds since 1984) website, Photosynth, a software technology preview from Microsoft Live Labs and the University of Washington was unveiled to the public. Blaise Aguera y Arcas, the architect of this software technology, demonstrated the amazing functions of Photosynth by leading the audience to experience a fancy virtual environment constructed by various pictures displayed on a large screen. The crowd, who mainly is composed of the professionals in TED, watched this demonstration in wonder and applauded from time to time. The TED website uses the word “Jaw-Dropping” to describe Photosynth, because this technology is so dazzling and incredible that its appearance might change the development of image technology completely. Through this demo shown in TED 2007, Photosynth has shown its potential be a revolutionary image technology for its powerful and innovative functions, usability, and widely applications. The reason that Photosynth can be called technical revelation is that it is capable to reconstruct a three-dimensional space through two-dimensional images. By analyzing multiple images which are taken from same area or same
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Chen, QiLiang(Essay#1,CIS 10) - Name Qi Liang Chen CIS 10...

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