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Sheet1 Page 1 Yuma Puma: Stock Shock YOUR STRATEGY PREDICTION: The unexpected disruption in distribution left a very damaged retail channel. The focus needs to be on repairing these relation s The retailers will most likely respond to the reentry with skepticism and distrust. Exceptional efforts need to be made to reassu Although retailers will need some attention, lots of sales profit and customers will be their incentive. Consumers need most att e As the company reenters the market honesty and assurance to consumers and retailers as well as incentives will smooth the w A concerted advertising and promotions plan that addresses both consumers and retailers is needed to successfully regain a s It would a detriment to underestimate the impact of this 6-month absence. A full concerted effort now will limit the delay in reg a ESSAY QUESTIONS: Why is the campaign focus to strengthen the channel? Cause if you have no where to put your product then you can't sell it to any customers, so that is the first step.
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Unformatted text preview: Why is a reassuring tone appropriate in this circumstance? They have alot of people wondering about the company and the product. Even if the product is good you have to prove you kn o To regain customer loyalty is the most important goal because: If customers want the products then most business will give the customers what they want which would include putting The Yu m Why are consumers and retailers the key players to focus on? They are the ones that are disappointed and untrusting. They are also the ones that keep the business a float by purchasing p Why did you choose to utilize this approach? We need to address both retails and consumers to get make in this market. Why is a full-scale approach the most appropriate? We have really messed up big and people are going to be skeptical and it is going to be harder to sell our products to we need...
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