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yuma02_S2 - i 4 Emily counters with You answered Consumer...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Yuma Puma: The Price Is Heating Up THE MEETING - ASSESSMENT: 2 out of 6 correct answers. 1. Emily's on consumers: You answered: Supports point Marketing Pro answered: Supports point YOUR RESPONSE: Yes she did a good job of supporting her point of view. 2. Emily counters his: You answered: Self-contradiction Marketing Pro answered: Irrelevant point YOUR RESPONSE: Yes he wasn't really taken a stand one way or another. 3. Emily's gas analogy: You answered: Dilutes case Marketing Pro answered: Strengthens case YOUR RESPONSE: I don't think so because I disagree with Emily's case. I don't think they should use the chips. I tried to change my stand-in but
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Unformatted text preview: i 4. Emily counters with: You answered: Consumer behavior Marketing Pro answered: Common practices YOUR RESPONSE: No because common practices are a way of life, but this is not a common practice yet. 5. Emily clarifies: You answered: Negligible effect Marketing Pro answered: Negligible effect YOUR RESPONSE: Sheet1 Page 2 Yes because it was one of the main objectives. 6. Emily reiterates point on: You answered: Benefits Marketing Pro answered: Minimal risk YOUR RESPONSE: No I think the benefits are obvious so I think she should have tired to confort other by talking about minimal risk....
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