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Sheet1 Page 1 Yuma Puma: The Price Is Heating Up YOUR STRATEGY PREDICTION: The driving force at this stage is to increase revenue and the chip initiative is an ideal strategic move to reach this goal. The proposed practice is unethical and immoral. Raising prices based on weather or arbitrary data is unfairly taking advantage The most logical approach to alleviating the sales pressures, given all the circumstances, is to adjust pricing especially with th e The priority action is to determine chip placement and the selective use of the technology to protect consumers and the brand w The brilliant design of this technology will increase per unit profit with only minimal investment. The profits will increase as for e The company should pass on this technology. It is unethical, unnecessary and a great risk to the brand reputation. ESSAY QUESTIONS: How does increasing revenue impact the decision?
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Unformatted text preview: Increasing revenue is every business's objective. How does the unethical practice determine course of action? I think since it is an unethical practice this course of action should be put on the back burner. Why is the key component pricing? Pricing is key component because that is the way to make the business profit and the company has complete control over the p To selectively use the chip is the highest priority because: If the chip is chosen as an option. I think it should be used selectively because if it is used too much more and more people w i How does the most likely outcome impact strategy? If the chip provides income the obvisously the strategy would probably need to advance to make even more money. Why is a passing approach most appropriate? because it is unethical and might make people mad enough to stop buying the product all together...
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