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yuma01_S1 - u Why is the overarching approach to amplify...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Yuma Puma: Category Crowd Control YOUR STRATEGY PREDICTION: The financial capacity of the new competition allows them to steal market share through powerhouse spending, branding and It would be foolish to abandon a course that's proven effective. But the strategy should be amplified to target and address a w It is key to broaden the loyal customer base garnered thus far. The competitors have a wider reach so it is crucial to strategica The existence of these competitors has shifted the playing field - it is imperative to retain loyal customers and reach new more The market power of these competitors cannot be underestimated and each component of the mix needs to shift and become The window in which competitors of this size can overhaul a market is shockingly small, demanding full-scale action. ESSAY QUESTIONS: Why does the financial weakness matter most? Because other companies maybe bigger and have more money to promote there product which in return could make current c
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Unformatted text preview: u Why is the overarching approach to amplify the current strategy? They have a very effective strategy that has worked great for many years so I don To widen the target audience is the most important goal because: Yuma needs to try to reach new groups of individuals. They should keep targeting there current customer base and then try to Why should the focus be on all customers? The current customers already know about Yuma's products but some other age groups may have never even heard of them. S Why are all marketing components as important? All marketing components are important because different marketing components do and attract different customer bases Why is full-scale the appropriate scale? They should concider a full-scale action because they need to come up with completly new ideas not just twik the old ideas. Sheet1 Page 2 t think they should change a thing but possibly enhance or add new marketing ideas to target new customers....
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yuma01_S1 - u Why is the overarching approach to amplify...

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