vix03_S2 - 4. Linda's distinction: You answered: Makes...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Vix Records: Something For Everyone? THE MEETING - ASSESSMENT: 4 out of 6 correct answers. 1. Linda argues point is: You answered: Too broad Marketing Pro answered: Too narrow YOUR RESPONSE: I think singles are a wonderful idea. If a consumer only wants one sogn they are not going to buy an entire CD when they can 2. Linda reiterates: You answered: Dual opportunity Marketing Pro answered: Dual opportunity YOUR RESPONSE: I think the best approach to is to offer singles for sale a month after it is released 3. Linda agrees here with: You answered: Neither Marketing Pro answered: Neither YOUR RESPONSE: Yes because erik and sharon were both going in two extremely different directions
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Linda's distinction: You answered: Makes point Marketing Pro answered: Makes point YOUR RESPONSE: Yes she made a wondeful point. 5. Linda's proposal is: You answered: Moderate Marketing Pro answered: Moderate YOUR RESPONSE: Sheet1 Page 2 I think it was the best given the opportunity of being in the middle of Sharon and Erik 6. Linda/Erik disagree on: You answered: Target market Marketing Pro answered: Scope YOUR RESPONSE: Yes because I think people would buy the whole CD for someone as a gift during giftmas instead of just buying them a single...
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vix03_S2 - 4. Linda's distinction: You answered: Makes...

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