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Sheet1 Page 1 Vix Records: Something For Everyone? YOUR STRATEGY PREDICTION: Because compilations could directly compete against and impact sales of artist albums, product balance is the key issue to be Strengthening existing products and consumer relationships is more advantageous than the short-term quick-buck compilation The industry paradigm is shifting and the more profitable the company can be, the better positioned it is to shift along with tec h The initiative needs to be crafted so that we can add a product line to the mix that does not compete against and jeopardize o t h The key component to be addressed is the product itself. The other components of the marketing mix can flow naturally from t h The initiative demands a full-scale, across-the-board strategic approach, going as long and as deep as can be supported. ESSAY QUESTIONS: How does product balance impact the decision? If we can balance what different groups are listening to what different records then we can advertise and sell to the appriopate
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Unformatted text preview: Why is the overarching approach to refocus the current strategy? We already have a strategy that is not horrible we just need to add and tweat a few things. To increase profitability is the most important goal because: Increasing profitability is the most importnat goal because you need to achieve a rate of return in order to be successful and k e Why does the initiative rely on product mix most? because this company's objective is to produce records so product is its only way of making money. Why is products the most important component? Adding new product lines might introduce new customers that have never heard of VIX Records. Why is full-scale the appropriate scale? Because this is a huge thing that needs to be given a full chance to work so it will be fully profitable....
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