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1. The consumer complaints regarding the copy protection software are that the software illegally installed information on their PC’s without sufficient written warning of such; it collected data, basically spied on them, on their internet use and the software’s behavior left their PC’s susceptible to viruses and irreversible damage. 2. The Corporate Social Responsibility rating: 91% perceived the brand as below average in social responsibly 1% perceived the brand as above average in social responsibly 1% perceived the brand as average in social responsibly Not a single consumer could name and socially responsible initiatives 3. Vix intends to increase revenues and cash flow through the following business strategies: Attract, develop and retain established and emerging recording artists and songwriters Maximize the value of our music assets through catalog compilations, digital distribution, media placement, music-related content i.e. videos, interviews Focus on continued management of our cost structure
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Unformatted text preview: • More efficiently allocate capital • Develop and optimize physical distribution channel • Capitalize on digital distribution and emerging technologies • Contain digital piracy 4. 4 Steps of Brand Equity Step 1: Brand Salience Marketer Action: Establish Identity (associate product with product class and needs) Result with Customer: Create Broad awareness Step 2: Brand Performance Marketer Action: Establish Meaning (on functional, performance-based level and a imagery-based level) Result with Customers: Create strong/favorable associations Step 3: Consumer Judgments/Feelings Marketer Action: Elicit response (perceived quality, credibility and an emotional resonance) Result with Customers: Create positive accessible reactions Step 4: Consumer-Brand Resonance Marketer Action: Forge Relationships (with personal identification and psychological bond) Result with Customers: Create an intense, active loyalty...
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