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The article I choose for the real world physics assignment is an article about how infra-Red light can help to improve learning and functioning of your brain. I picked this article because it was very interesting and went along with the information we learned in chapter seven about wavelength of light. The article can be found at . Medical Experts in England think they have found a way to improve learning and cognitive functioning of the brain by using and infra-red helmet. The helmet will first be tested on Alzheimer’s patients for about 10 minutes a day. Scientists believe that the low power of an infra-red light can improve our brains learning ability. The light which is
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Unformatted text preview: the same as that which occurs in natural sunlight measures about 1072mn and is suppose to be completely safe. Infra-red light penetrates the human tissue relatively well so the light will be sent by the helmet through the thinnest part of the human skull. The infra-red light will be used to repair any damage to the human brain cells in our heads. It is very possible that the helmets could be able to halt or even reverse the effect of dementia. There is also the possibility that the helmet could slow the rate at which our bodies’ age because as we age the cells in our bodies stop repairing themselves which causes aging of our organs, memory decay and deterioration in general intellectual performances....
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