Group3_Unit2_Assignment-2 - 1 A spring bathroom scale is...

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1. A spring bathroom scale is designed to report the amount of upward force it's exerting on the objects touching its surface. a. When you first step on the scale, you usually have some downward velocity because you “land” on the scale. As it slows your motion to bring you to rest, does the scale report your correct weight, or does it report more than your weight or less than your weight? The scale will report a higher weight as you first “land” and it works to slow your motion. The scale will then push you past your equilibrium and it will report a lower weight. This reporting will continue until the motion stops and reports your proper weight. b. If you stand motionless on one foot, rather than two feet, what fraction of your weight does the scale report? The scale would still report your whole weight because your mass and the acceleration due to gravity have both not changed. The only thing that has changed is the area of contact on the scale, but the same upward force is required from the scale to balance your weight. c. If you jump upward, what does the scale report as you push yourself upward? In order to jump upward, you must exert a force on the scale in addition to the force of your weight, and since the scale shows the upward force that is equal in magnitude but opposite in direction to your weight, the scale shows a weight heavier than your actual weight. d. You stand motionless on two identical bathroom scales, one foot on the left scale and one foot on the right scale. What can you say about the weights that the two scales report? Assuming that you are standing so that your center of mass is directly in between the two scales, each of
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Group3_Unit2_Assignment-2 - 1 A spring bathroom scale is...

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