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What_Do_People_Want_From_Their_Jobs - What Supervisors...

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What Do People Want From Their Jobs? Look at each factor and indicate, from your perspective, how the 10 items listed  rank in importance in contributing to employee morale.  Weight the items from 1- 10, assigning 1 to the most important item, 2 for the second most important, etc.,  so that all 10 numbers are used and #10 is the least important.  Place your  numbers in the column marked “individual.” Online students:  refer to the folder under “Week Two” marked, “Comparison: 
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Unformatted text preview: What Supervisors Think Employees Want.” Oncampus students: exercise will be completed in class. Individua l Group Factors Supervisor s Employee s High wages Job security Promotion in the company Good working conditions Interesting work Personal loyalty of supervisor Tactful discipline Full appreciation of work done Help on personal problems Feeling of being in on things...
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What_Do_People_Want_From_Their_Jobs - What Supervisors...

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