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1. I think that companies should look at two things when deciding who they should lay off, first and most common would be seniority, employees that have been there the longest and devoted the most time to the business should not be the first let go. Second I think the company should also look at who is about to retire in a year or two. It is very costly to hire new employees so if you let a younger employees go and then a year later have to hire new workers to replace the retired employees it could become very costly. 2. I was laid off a few months ago and although I was very upset I think my company did it in a respectful way. They called me in the office on a Tuesday and told me that it was the first year they had lost money and the owner said they had to cut a position in the corporate office and that was my position. They paid me for the remainder of the week and then gave me a 2 week severance pay. They also had
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Unformatted text preview: recommendation letter all written up for me and said I could use them as references and if money allows in the future they would hire me back. They also had not told any of the other employees and asked if I wanted to be the one to tell them or if I wanted them to tell them after I was gone. I think all companies should inform employees with the up most respect to their feelings. 3. I think a couple weeks would be sufficient or at least offer a severance pay to get the person by for a couple weeks until another job can be found although with this economy it is taking a lot longer to find a job these days. 4. Companies just need to leave it on friendly level with the possibility of the employee coming back should promote them to not do anything horrible to sabotage the company....
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