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Leadership Assessment, Regina Bear, MGT 112 Developmental Needs and Areas for improvement I need to improve on two interpersonal skills. The first one is getting my point across well to other and the second one is making my written and spoken messages entertaining and in proper form. These are my two steps to improving my interpersonal skills related to leadership and influence. Step 1: I sometimes assume that others know stuff just because I know it. So I need to start realizing that they may not know everything about a subject and I may need to explain every detail, including things I think they may already know. I also need to fully explain myself better so people know exactly where I am coming from. I also need to come up with reason why my point is right and not just tell them I am right an expect them to just go with that. I also get frustrated sometime whether quickly if I am trying to explain something and others do not comprehend it. So I need to start now by working
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Unformatted text preview: on slowing down and staying calm when explaining to others. I will see this being accomplished when I no longer become frustrated with others while trying to explain something to them. Step 2: I have never been good at writing or speaking out loud. I am good at numbers that is why I am an accountant, but I have come to realize that in the business industry you have to be good at both. Within the next couple years I need to take a couple more writing classes and speak classes at a college or university. I need to take them not for achieving my degree and just wanting to get passed the classes like before, but to improve my writing and speaking skills. I will know that I have learned from these classes when I am writing more professional letters at work and I am able to get up in front of other and give amazing presentations....
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