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Hiring Process for an Accounting Manager When hiring someone for a position as an accounting manager you want to take into consideration who you hire. You want to determine the need for a new or replacement position. Hold a recruiting planning meeting with the recruiter, the HR leader, the hiring manager, and, potentially, a coworker internal customer. Develop and prioritize the key requirements needed from the position and the special qualifications, traits, characteristics, and experience you seek in the candidate. Request a criminal background check if the position is security sensitive. Make sure that the interested candidate is someone with strong managerial, analytical, and accounting skills who can start out
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Unformatted text preview: managing all accounting functions within the company. When going through this process make sure they have all the skills you are looking for. For instance, previous accounting experience, knowledge of standard business accounting practices and knowledge of any QuickBooks software. Although there are many challenges involved in the hiring process, always make sure you find the right candidate for the job. As always, determine the personal characteristics, measure all those characteristics. Check the applicant’s motivation levels. And decide who should fill the position. Following these steps or ideas will help one fill the position for the accounting manager....
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