Final Workplace Romance

Final Workplace Romance - Romance 1 Workplace Romance...

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Romance 1 Workplace Romance Regina Bear MGT 112
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Workplace romance has become inevitable in today’s world. With more and more employees working over forty hours a week there is little or no time for extra activities or social gatherings. At work you also meet people with many similar interests as you, as well as people who live within a reasonable traveling distance. Forty-one percent of employed Americans ages twenty-five to forty have admitted to having engaged in an office romance according to a joint survey sponsored by Glamour Magazine and (Heathfield, 2009 p. 2).This paper will explore the pros and cons of workplace romance, the policies some companies enforce and how employees and employer should deal with in office relationships One worry for employers in regards to in office relationships is how if effects the work environment. Workplace romances can cause a loss of productivity, resentment by other co-workers, and lead to charges of sexual harassment. Loss of productivity happen when the couple is taking time from everyday work procedures to chit chat, make post work plans, or discuss personal issues. Resentment by other co-workers can happen when they will one of the dating parties showing favoritism towards the other. Sexual harassment is always a worry with any type of relationship in the workplace. For the most part sexual harassment will only be an issue when and if the relationship comes to an end. Two kinds of romances that have the most damaging effect on group morale and
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Final Workplace Romance - Romance 1 Workplace Romance...

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