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Dicussion Chapter 8

Dicussion Chapter 8 - 3 If training isn’t memorable how...

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1. Is memorability of training important? Why or why not? I think it is important when teaching certain lessons. I know that in school there were some days that I just didn’t want to be there and was extra spacing. If a professor had done something like the slippery soap demonstration I think it would have made me snap out of it and want to pay attention. Some time you have to be entertained to learn!!!! 2. Have you had a memorable training experience? Describe what made the training memorable. I remember I had an accounting teacher at Parkland that would always talk about “Joe Six Pack”. I guess he thought college students drank a lot so he would get our attention with that but it was kind of funny so he did. He was a wonderful teacher.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. If training isn’t memorable, how does that affect the four levels of training effectiveness? Would all of them be decreased, or not necessarily? Explain. I can’t necessarily say all of them would decrease because some people may not need training to be able to do a certain job but for the most part if a training isn’t memorable then you will not have reaction to the training which meaning you will not have learning to take back to the job and the company will there in turn not have a return on their training investment. I would also like to say that it depends on the people they are training as well. If they are training 5 people then maybe 3/5 will be able to learn it even if it isn’t memorable while the other two may not....
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