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Faculty Contact Information Dr. Ralph Masi / ; (703) 413-1100 x5671 Course Introduction Course Overview This course is designed to give students entering the MBA program a common foundation in fundamental management concepts across a broad spectrum of subject areas. AMBA 600 serves three purposes. The first is to acquaint students with the online environment and technologies used in the MBA program. The second purpose is to help students improve their research, writing, and analytical skills. The third is to ensure that students have a foundation in basic management concepts. There are assignments that focus on leadership, statistics, and the theory of constraints. There are also a number of exercises to improve skills in the areas of research, writing, critical thinking, and teamwork. There is also a special focus on plagiarism issues and the utilization of the UMUC web databases. Students have the opportunity to improve their proficiency in the web-based technologies used throughout the MBA program. By the end of the course students should have a good understanding of both the academic requirements and the technical skills necessary to succeed in the MBA program. All students in UMUC's MBA program complete this introductory course, which provides a foundation in the research, writing, and analytical skills needed to successfully complete the MBA program. Students entering most MBA programs possess diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Some will have a business undergraduate degree, but many will not. Some will have extensive management experience while others will have very little. It is vitally important that all students, regardless of their academic history or business experience, develop sound research, writing, and analytical skills at the start of the program. In addition, this course allows students to become familiar with UMUC's distance learning platform, WebTycho, and the technologies that they will use throughout the MBA program. A student orientation web page has been prepared that outlines what all students can expect to get from the program and what the program expects from them ( MBA-studentorientation.html ). Students who have questions about the MBA program, in particular, and about general administrative procedures will find these web sites very helpful. In AMBA 600, students prepare a Power Point presentation, complete UCSP 611 (Library Skills for the Information Age), and research/write a graduate level paper. Students also complete a series of exercises in plagiarism, summarizing scholarly articles, and the theory of constraints. In addition, students complete assignments in basic statistics using Excel spreadsheets. Specific information about these assignments and their due dates is located in the Course Schedule section of the syllabus. Minimum Technical Requirements (Computer & Software)
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SYLLABUS - Syllabus for 0809AMBA6009051 Faculty Contact...

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