Acdchemsketch tutorial 119 creating report templates

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Unformatted text preview: , otherwise only the values will be displayed. Select the One Column check box to show parameters in a column: one Name-Value pair under another: Note ACD/ChemSketch Tutorial 120 Creating Report Templates 17.Click OK in both dialog boxes. 18.Now we are going to add a subscription. Make sure that the Report Template tool is on and using the instructions listed in Section 13.4 above, insert a long narrow box along the bottom border of the template. In the ACD/ChemSketch Template dialog box that appears, select COMMON in the Template Type list, and in the Objects list, click Formatted Text. Click Settings . 19.The Formatted Text Template dialog box appears. Using this dialog box, you can add any textual information to the template which will appear in any report made according to this template. Type a few words to characterize the series of reports you are going to create on the basis of this template, for example "This Template is created for practice purposes", and that allows you to automatically insert current date, then click the Insert button time, page number, or any other user defined label. In the Select Field dialog box, select Date in the Name list, and then click OK. Set font and alignment preferences. Note Alignment buttons located in the top right-hand corner of the Formatted Text Template dialog box allow you to tune the horizontal alignment of the text (over the left border, between the borders, and over the right border respectively), and the vertical alignment (over the top border, between the borders, over the bottom border). Border here denotes the template object border. ACD/ChemSketch Tutorial 121 Creating Report Templates Now, your ChemSketch working area should look something like this: 13.6 Arranging Template Objects After all of the template objects have been inserted, it may be necessary to resize and rearrange them so that they fit properly. 1. Switch to the Select/Move/Resize tool . 2. Select the object you want to move or resize. 3. Point to the inside of the template object and the Move pointer relocate the object by dragging it. appears. Now, you can 4. Point to any node and the corresponding Resize pointer appears. Now, you can resize the objects by dragging it. 5. Using the above instructions, resize and rearrange the template objects to suit your requirements. ACD/ChemSketch Tutorial 122 Creating Report Templates 13.7 Saving and Applying Report Templates As soon as a template is ready, you need to save it into an *.SK2 file, otherwise, you will not be able to use it later. 1. From the File menu, choose Save As to display the Save Document As dialog box, and then select the name and location for the file. 2. Switch to the Processor window. 3. Open the documents you want to base your report on, and then from the Edit menu, point to Create Report, and choose by Template; from the Edit menu, point to Export Report to PDF, and choose By Template; or from the File menu, point to Print Report, and choose By Template or click the corresponding buttons . 4. In the Select Report Template dialog box that appears, select the location and file name of your saved template. 5. After the report is created, you are automatically transferred to the ChemSketch window. If necessary, edit the report by double-clicking the objects that open the Objects panels. For further detail on creating template-based reports, see the User Guides on the corresponding modules of SpecManager or look through the corresponding SpecManager Help topics. Tip If you want to try the template before saving it, take a look at the ChemSketch title bar to find out the name that ChemSketch has given to the current template (noname00, 01, 02, etc.). Switch to the Processor window by clicking the Processor button on the Window Switching bar. When in SpecManager, open (a) spectral document(s), and then follow the above steps to open the Select Report Template dialog box where you can enter the template file name given by ChemSketch. ACD/ChemSketch Tutorial 123...
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