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Unformatted text preview: ed in the Preferences dialog box, General tab (on the Options menu, click Preferences), in a file called USERSTL.SK. If you want to share your Style file with friends and colleagues, ask them to place a copy of your USERSTL.SK into their private directory. ACD/ChemSketch Tutorial 109 Working with Styles in Structure Mode 11.5 Setting a Default Style On the Properties panel, from the list of styles, choose the required style and click Set Default and the selected style becomes the default and any structure drawn from this point on will be of that style. –OR– On the Options menu, point to Set Structure Drawing Style and click the required style on the submenu. Note To set the default, you do not have to save your style. You may just specify the required attributes on the panel tabs, and click Set Default. Your attributes will become the default. ACD/ChemSketch Tutorial 110 12. Working with Styles in Draw Mode 12.1 Objectives In the Draw mode, a style may include attributes of one or several objects: pen, fill, arrow, font, and paragraph. This will allow you to create different styles for text, fillable objects, arrows, and lines. In this chapter, you will learn how to: • Change an object’s style • Save a style • Set a default style 12.2 Changing the Style of an Object In Chapter 9 which describes how to draw a DNA chain and orbitals, there was a brief introduction to changing an object’s style. In this section, we are going to give you a general procedure. 1. Switch to the Draw mode. 2. Select the object (or objects) whose style you want to change. 3. Double-click the selection to display the Objects panel. Depending on the kind of selected object (shape, linear object, arrow, text, spectrum, table, or structure) the Object panel may contain different buttons: 4. Combine your choices from the tabs and their boxes to create your style and click Apply to apply changes. ACD/ChemSketch Tutorial 111 Working with Styles in Draw Mode Note Settings from the Common tab will be applied to all the objects. For example, changing the pen color to red will affect shapes, lines, and structures. If you change any attribute in the Shapes tab, it will affect shapes only. 12.3 Saving a Style The style you have created can be saved: 1. To save the specified settings, on the Objects panel, click Save As New Style. 2. In the Save User Style dialog box that appears, select the attribute that should be included in your style. For example, if you want to create a special style for text, make sure that the Font Style and Paragraph Style check boxes are selected. 3. Type the name for your style and click OK. The style will be added to the list of styles and can be then loaded to the Objects panel and applied to the selected objects or set as the default. 12.4 Applying an Existing Style You can apply the saved style (either built-in or user-defined) to any selected object. 1. Select the object(s) whose style you want to change. 2. Double-click the selection to open the Objects panel. 3. Click Load and, from the list of styles, choose the required one. The style attributes will be loaded into the panel. 4. Click Apply. 12.5 Setting a Default Style The default style attributes can be specified on special style panels that can be displayed using the commands from the Tools menu: • Pen Style Panel • Fill Style Panel • Arrow Style Panel • Font Panel • Paragraph Panel • Table Panel The style attributes specified on any of these panels immediately become the default. You can load any existing style into any of these panels by clicking Load. The style is automatically loaded into all of the style panels and becomes the default. You can also load style attributes from the drawn object into any of the style panels. Click Update From, and then the object. The object’s style attributes are loaded into every style panel and are automatically set as the default. ACD/ChemSketch Tutorial 112 Working with Styles in Draw Mode Note If you want to change the style of a specific drawn object without effecting the default, use the Objects panel (see Section 12.2). 12.6 Managing Styles To manage your styles (save, apply, rename, delete, or set as default), you can use the Style Panel. To display this panel, from the Tools menu, choose Style Organizer Panel: On this panel, you can do the following: Desired Action View the styles that contain a specific attribute (pen, arrows, fill, font, paragraph, table) View the whole list of styles Button to Click Click the appropriate button at the top of the panel. Click the buttons at the top of the panel so that they all are selected: . Apply the style to the selected object(s) Set the style as default Create a new style based on the current default settings Rename the style Select the needed style in the list and click Apply. Select the needed style in the list and click Set Default. Click New. Select the needed style in the list and click Rename. Note that the built-in styles (they appear in gray...
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