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smithletter - In the scarlet letter two characters commit...

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In the scarlet letter two characters commit adultry, a horrible crime in the eyes of their community. One of the suspects, "Hester", becomes a public symbol of sin. She is an outcast, permitted to hold residency soley for public shamings, and to exsist as a bad example for others. Hester must wear an scarlet "a" at all times to secure her position of a sinner and an adultress. Ironically, her partner in crime, "Dimmsdale", manages to elude judgement and quickly becomes the towns most passionate preacher. The two lovers quickly become separated by their unequal social standings.I find their opposite social status's within the community as a result of committing the same sin to be immensely unjust. Hester was forced to publicly display her sin through a symbolic letter, and Dimmsdale should have the same judgement. If i were a town official, I would assign the letter "C" to be Dimmsdales "scarlet letter". This symbol would emulate the nature of his character in multiple instances throughout the course of the novel. Firstly, it would symbolize the Cowardice displayed
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