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IB Geography HL and SL Introduction Geography is ideal for those keen to maintain a broad interest in, and understanding of, the world in which we live. At the interface between the humanities and science, it is a social science that examines the way people live, how they are distributed and how they interact with their environment. Study of the essential systematic and technical aspects of the subject creates a platform for considering the major environmental, political, cultural and socio-economic issues facing the developed and developing world. It is an interesting and enjoyable course and the geography department look forward to welcoming you. Content The syllabus is divided into three parts: geographical skills, core theme and optional themes. Geographical Skills Students are required to develop a wide range of research methods, drawing on a variety of data sources. Students are also required to be able to use a range of mapping, graphing and statistical techniques within their written work.
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Unformatted text preview: As such, geography students develop a broad portfolio of transferable skills. Core Theme Population, resources and development. Optional Themes- Four themes are studied at HL and two themes at SL. Both HL and SL students will study: Coasts and their management Climatic hazards and change In addition, HL students will also study: Settlements Lithospheric processes and hazards. Assessment The external assessment consists of two written papers. These contribute 75% at Higher Level and 80% at Standard Level. On paper 2 there is a choice between essay style questions and structured questions based on stimulus material. The internal assessment consists of an investigation related to a theme of the course. This will be a group investigation and will contribute 25% to the Higher Level course (a 2500 word report) and 20% to the Standard Level course (a 1500 word report)....
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