chemistry_sl_p2 - c 1 hour IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME PROGRAMME...

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CHEMISTRY STANDARD LEVEL PAPER 2 Monday 20 May 2002 (afternoon) 1 hour M02/420/S(2) c IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME PROGRAMME DU DIPL&ME DU BI PROGRAMA DEL DIPLOMA DEL BI 222-162 7 pages INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES ! Write your candidate name and number in the boxes above. ! Do not open this examination paper until instructed to do so. ! Section A: Answer all of Section A in the spaces provided. ! Section B: Answer one question from Section B. Write your answers in a continuation answer booklet, and indicate the number of booklets used in the box below. Write your name and candidate number on the front cover of the continuation answer booklets, and attach them to this question paper using the tag provided. ! At the end of the examination, indicate the number of the Section B question answered in the box below. Number Name TOTAL /40 TOTAL /40 TOTAL /40 NUMBER OF CONTINUATION BOOKLETS USED ......... /20 /20 /20 SECTION B QUESTION /20 /20 /20 ALL SECTION A IBCA TEAM LEADER EXAMINER QUESTIONS ANSWERED
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SECTION A Candidates must answer all questions in the spaces provided. 1. The values of atomic radius and ionic radius for the period 3 elements are given below. 181 190 212 42 45 65 98 Ionic radius / m 12 10 99 104 110 117 143 160 186 Atomic radius / m 12 10 Cl S P Si Al Mg Na Symbol of element [3] (a) Complete the following table to show the number of protons and electrons in each of the following species: P 3− .................................... Al 3+ Na Number of electrons Number of protons [2] (b) Explain why the atomic radius decreases from sodium to chlorine. ......................................................................... [2] (c) The ionic radius of aluminium is smaller than its atomic radius. The ionic radius of phosphorus is greater than its atomic radius. Explain the large difference in ionic radius between aluminium and phosphorus.
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chemistry_sl_p2 - c 1 hour IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME PROGRAMME...

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