Organizational Behavior

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Unformatted text preview: Leadership Theories Theory Major Points Trait Approach Great person theory. Leaders are born. Stogdill & Mann’s Critiques Stogdill found 5 traits in leaders—intelligence, dominance, self-confidence, level of energy & activity, and task-relevant knowledge. But found many followers had these traits too. Mann found intelligence was the best predictor of leadership but all correlations between traits and leadership were weak Kouzes & Posner Identified 4 traits that people around the world value: Honesty, forward looking, inspiring, and competent Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman identified components of emotional intelligence that he believes are vital to leadership. Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Competence, and Relationship Management Tim Judge Examined the relationship among the Big 5 Personality traits and leadership emergence and effectiveness. Found extraversion to be most positively related to leadership. Believes personality is more important than intelligence....
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Book - Leadership Theories Theory Major Points Trait...

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