ch 7

Organizational Behavior

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Unformatted text preview: Stereotypes • • Characteristics: o Not always negative, based on generalizations (not always accurate), Can lead to poor decisions/discrimination Perceptual Errors • Halo- rater forms an overall impression about an object and then uses that impression to bias ratings about the object • Leniency- personal characteristic that leads an individual to consistently evaluate other people or objects in an extremely positive fashion • Central tendency- avoid all extreme judgments and rate people and objects as average/neutral • Recency effects- remember recent information • Contrast effects- by comparing them with characteristics of recently observed people/objects Self-Fulfilling Prophecy & Putting It to Work • • Pygamilion Effect comes from the Greek myth where a sculptor, Pygmalion, hated women yet fell in love with an ivory statue he carved of a beautiful woman. He prayed to the goddess Aphrodite to bring her to life and she did. The management field has adapted this idea of a beautiful woman....
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ch 7 - Stereotypes • • Characteristics: o Not always...

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