Exam 2 Review-Spring 2010

Organizational Behavior

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Exam 2 Review Spring 2010 Diversity-Chapter 2 Four Layers of Diversity The Glass Ceiling. Career Plateauing Roosevelt Thomas Jr.’s Action Options for Diversity Aging Workforce Stereotypes Perceptual Errors Golem Effect Galatea Effect Fundamental Attribution Bias Self-Serving Bias International OB-Chapter 4 High vs. Low Context Avoiding Cultural Collisons Individualistic vs. Collectivist Monochronic vs. Polychronic Ethnocentrism/Cultural Intelligence/Proxemics Hofstede Research Globe Project’s Leadership Lessons Why Expatriates Fail/Cross Cultural Training Organizational Culture-Chapter 3 Layers of Organizational Culture Four Functions of Organizational Culture Competing Values Framework Vision/Strategic Plan Schein’s Mechanisms for Changing Organizational Culture Three Phase Model of Organizational Socialization Functions of Mentoring
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  • Job Satisfaction Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Self-Efficacy Self-Monitoring Organizational, Job Satisfaction Organizational, Organizational Culture Competing, Changing Organizational Culture

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Exam 2 Review-Spring 2010 - Exam 2 Review Spring 2010...

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