Organizational Behavior

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Angela Thornton MAN 336 May 4, 2010 Top 10 Take-Aways Negotiation . As interviewing for full-time positions becomes closer, it is very important to understand how to negotiate in order to eliminate the fixed-pie perception. As my roommate and I prepare dinner every night, we always used to rotate roles to be fair. However, I focused on her interests rather than position and negotiated a deal where she will cook each meal while I clean up. Carley loves to cook, and I love to clean. In the future, I will make sure to brainstorm ideas to invent options for mutual gain. This will allow a win-win situation for both parties. Focusing on Feedback. In life, you will always come across someone who you do not particularly get along with. One of the best ways of being able to efficiently work with coworkers or team members that you may have a conflict with is to focus on feedback. By doing this correctly, you can increase the chance of someone listening to you and understanding. My sister and I tend to get in a lot of arguments. She used to hurt my feelings, and before I would do the same. By telling her how I feel when she behaves in a certain way, she was able to understand why I was mean. Having the ability to give feedback in a way that Cultural Differences . With the Internet e-commerce booming, the global economy is becoming exponentially larger each day. Working with others from different
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