ch 13 outline

Organizational Behavior

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Conflict Conflict - one party perceives its interests are being opposed or set back by another party o A natural occurrence in an organization whenever an action by one party is perceived as preventing or interfering with the goals, needs, or  actions of another party.  Functional conflict  serves organization’s interests o Typically issue-focused o Stimulates creativity Stimulates creative resolution of problems, prevents complacency, and results in positive outcomes that can enhance performance.  Dysfunctional conflict  threatens organization’s interests o Typically person-focused o Breeds hostility o Stifles communication Causes of Conflicts Incompatible personalities or value systems Role ambiguity/overload Interdependent tasks Competition for limited resources Desired Conflict Outcomes 1. Agreement : strive for equitable and fair agreements that last 2. Stronger Relationships : build bridges of goodwill and trust for the future 3. Learning : greater self-awareness and creative problem solving How to Deal with Personality Conflicts: EMPLOYEES 3 RD  PARTY OBSERVERS MANAGERS Communicate directly with the  other person to resolve the  perceived conflict Avoid dragging co-workers into  the conflict If dysfunctional conflict persists,  seek help from direct supervisors  or human resource specialists  Do not take sides in someone  else’s personality conflict Suggest the parties work things  out themselves in a constructive  and positive way If dysfunctional conflict persists,  refer the problem to parties’ direct  supervisors Investigate and document conflict If appropriate, take corrective  action If necessary, attempt informal  dispute resolution Refer difficult conflict to human  resource specialists or hired  counselors for formal resolution  attempts and other interventions
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ch 13 outline - Conflict o ,needs,or

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