Organizational Behavior

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Advice team- broaden information base for managerial decisions, low technical specialization, coordination low and work on own, ex. Ad hoc committee shorter grievance Production team- day to day operations, minimal training and low tech. specialization, coord. High bc flows from one team to another; ex. Train/maintenance crew Project team- creative problem solving, special knowledge Action- high special and high coord, baseball, Types of work teams- dynamic and changing, some evolve from one type to another, combinations, Effectiveness criteria Performance- team achieved intended results team viability- team members satisfied and willing to contribute - need approariate tools, reasonable schedules, and training; needs to be rewarded - requires a concerted collective efforts, lots of tolerance, practice, and trial-and-error learning Team friendly organization Work team Individuals with teamwork competencies Effective teamwork Why Fail? Management mistakes o Unrealistic expectations leading to frustration which encourages people to abandon teams, both managers/team members can be victimized o Cannot overcome weak strategies and poor business practices o Hostile environment for teams—command/control, competitive/individual reward plans, management resistance o Adopt as a fad, quick to fix, no long term o Lessons from one team not transderred to others o Vague or conflicting team assignments o Inadequate team skills training o poor staffing of teams o Lack of trust Problems for team members (Unrealistic expectations= frustration) o Too much too soon o Diff. in work style o Too much emphasis on results not on processes and group dynamics o Obstacle – give up o Resistance to differently o Poor interpersonal skills o Poor interpersonal chemistry o Lack of trust Effective teamwork--- cooperation, trust, cohesiveness
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ch11 - Advice team broaden information base for managerial...

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